For all projects, I work in two primary stages. I first complete a draft, noting all questions and comments, which I then return. Using the replies to those comments, I complete the second, final version of the text.

For larger projects, additional rounds of proofing may be needed; in these cases, I also deliver the work in sections over time so that clients may review it progressively and respond accordingly. Overall changes requested at the end of such projects will thus not figure into the original agreement; additional proofreading may be contracted.


  • Rush translations incur a 50% fee over the standard price. This applies to every 4000 words per 24-hour turnaround period, as proportionally applied.

  • Translation of documents provided in an editable format other than .docx will incur a fee of 25%. Translation of documents in a non-editable format will incur a fee of 50%.

Please contact me with any questions you may have and to set up our work together.

Creative Writing Translation

$0.04 USD per source word

Scholarly Translation

$0.04 USD per source word

General Translation

$0.03 USD per source word


$0.015 USD per source word